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Chicagoland Wood Windows Company

Design Freedom. Defined by Eagle.

When it comes to design freedom, nobody makes it easier than Eagle.

Design Matters

Eagle believes your inspiration and vision should guide your design without limits, because good design matters. To architects, to builders, to homeowners, in every detail, inspired design distinguishes the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Freedom Delivered

Being extraordinary means designing your windows, not just around them. Your inspiration comes to life through our made-to-order approach. You get the freedom you desire without settling for the colors, sizes and options that are “close enough.” Get started designing your windows today!

Unlimited Exteriors

Color enhances your design, and we believe it shouldn’t have to cost more. Start with one of 50 Eagle Complimentary Colors™, a carefully selected modern palette available at no additional cost. This extensive color offering far exceeds anything in the industry today. Add to that complimentary 2-, 3- and 4-tone exteriors, and Eagle sets your windows and doors apart from the rest. If your inspiration comes from an autumn leaf, a river-washed stone, a glass of fine wine, or even a classic corvette, Eagle will bring it to life with our custom color capabilities. And for a look of distinction, Eagle offers seven spectacular anodized finishes that truly shine.

Wood Windows

Natural wood adds character to your design. Eagle wood selections allow you to choose from pine or fir at no additional charge. For infinite possibilities, Eagle offers seven additional distinctive wood varieties and will source virtually any other wood species your design demands. All wood selections can be finished to perfection in one of eight interior stains, two basecoat colors or clear polyurethane. And with stain-matching capabilities, you can trust Eagle to customize a finish to meet your design needs.

Each Eagle® window and door is made-to-order to your exact design specifications. Countless geometric shapes in virtually any structurally sound size and combination can transform your inspiration into reality. The Eagle team is dedicated to producing premium, made-to-order windows and doors with architectural distinction and lasting beauty.

Whether your design demands performance, clarity or architectural detail, Eagle has the glass and divided light solutions to make your views spectacular. For performance needs in a variety of environments, Eagle offers a multitude of glass options, including High-Performance™ Low-E4®glass and exclusive HarborMaster® systems for severe weather conditions.

Insect Screens

Eagle insect screens let the outside in. Eagle offers attractive aluminum frames in all 50 Eagle Complimentary Colors™, as well as anodized and wood-veneered options that blend seamlessly with their surroundings. Combined with virtually invisible TruScene® insect screens, you get a beautiful view, inside and out. And to truly open your home to the outdoors, Eagle offers an ingenious concealed insect screen for doors and a retractable insect screen for casement and awning windows that nearly disappear when not in use.

Products Overview

Eagle’s complete selection of window styles are your building blocks for making any architectural statement. Whether residential or commercial, and from traditional to contemporary, Eagle gives you the products and the design freedom you need to create the perfect look for the project.

  • Auxiliary Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Bow and Bay Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Casement and Awning
  • Double hung windows
  • Slide by Windows

Eagle Axiom® Casement Windows

Simple, beautiful and extremely functional, Eagle Axiom casement windows feature stainless steel hardware at no additional charge. Plus, they open to 90° for great ventilation and easy cleaning. 

Casement Window

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel single or dual arm operators, tracks & brackets add maximum corrosion resistance*
  • Durable and dependable stainless steel hinges &tracks allow the sash to be opened to 90° for easy cleaning
  • Uniquely styled stainless steel sash lock keepers resist corrosion* & help to seal the sash tightly against the weather strip

French casement windows

Eagle Axiom french casements provide expansive views and added ventilation.

Specifically designed for Eagle Axiom casements, this new insect screen is housed out of sight on the inside of the window sash when not in use for an unobstructed view.

Eagle Axiom® Awning Windows

Lock Keeper

Simple, beautiful and extremely functional, Eagle Axiom awning windows feature stainless steel hardware at no additional charge. Plus, they are easy to clean from the inside and provide great ventilation. Easy operation, brilliant performance Heavy-duty stainless steel single or dual arm operators, tracks and brackets add maximum corrosion resistance. Durable and dependable stainless steel hinges and tracks allow the sash to open for easy cleaning. Uniquely styled stainless steel sash lock keepers resist corrosion and help to seal the sash tightly against the weather strip.

Eagle Axiom retractable insect screens

Specifically designed for Eagle Axiom awnings, this new insect screen is housed out of sight on the inside of the window sash when not in use for an unobstructed view.

Push Out Casement & Awning Windows

Reminiscent of old-world style coupled with modern efficiencies, our new push out casement and awning windows combine the best of both worlds..

Lock Handle

Our push out casement and awning windows are easy to operate. To open, simply pull the lock handle(s)* up and push the window out. Pull the window in and engage the lock handle(s) to close and lock the unit. Lock handles are available in finishes of oil-rubbed bronze, antique brass, satin chrome, bright brass, white and black. Matching screen pulls are also available. *Units larger than 40 inches use two locks.

Stainless steel friction hinges allow our push out casement and awning windows to open to 60°. Larger push out casement windows use stainless steel piano style hinges with stainless steel friction stays. Both hinge types support the sash and keep it in place when open.

Hinged Screen

Specially designed for push out casement and awning windows, the hinged insect screen opens to the interior providing access to open and close the window. On awnings, the insect screen is hinged at the top of the unit. Or choose our Eagle Axiom® retractable insect screen that is housed on the inside of the window frame. When not in use, the retractable insect screen provides an unobstructed view. Both insect screen options are wood-veneered to match our wood species options and can be finished with one of our interior finishes.

Talon® Double-Hung Windows

The lower sash features a taller bottom rail and traditional stile and rail design. This classic look provides style and functionality, while maximizing performance.

Both the top and bottom sash operate and tilt inward. The innovative sash lock mechanism allows you to easily lock your windows or tilt the sash in for easy cleaning. Our jamb liner options provide simple or sophisticated options. Select from our synthetic interior and exterior inserts or add a painted aluminum exterior or wood-veneered interior insert.

Jumb Line

Passive Impact Stability System for coastal regions

The Talon

HarborMaster® window requires no extra steps to engage the impact component. A minimum of two snubbers, applied to the sill, create a structural connection between the lower sash and frame. Simply close and lock the window and it’s ready to withstand even the toughest weather conditions.

Harbor Master

Talon RetroFit double-hung windows fit into existing window frames making installation a breeze. The appearance of the interior and exterior of the home are maintained because the existing frame, wall coverings and trim work stay completely intact.

Replacement Sash Kits

Our clad double-hung replacement sash kits include window sashes, locking hardware and sash lifts, compression jamb liners and balance systems, sill dam, head parting stop and installation hardware. Each kit is built to your exact specifications.

Window Opening Control Device

Window opening control device are now available for use with Talon double-hung windows.

Bow & Bay Windows

Bow and bay windows add a spacious feel to any room. Create yours by adding our casement or double-hung windows on either side of a picture window.

Design flexibility

Choose from our 50 Eagle Complimentary Colors™, custom colors and 7 anodized finishes to fit your project’s needs. Mix and match colors to create a multi-toned window. Plus, we offer 9 wood species and 11 interior finishes.

Cable Support System

Added support is required undearneath all bow and bay units. We offer a cable support system to meet this need. Insulated platforms and brackets are not included.

Slide-by Windows

Efficiently utilize space in tight, hard to manage spaces with our slide-by windows. They are available in 2- or 3-panel systems.

TruScene® insect screens TruScene® insect screens

TruScene insect screens are made with a micro-fine stainless steel mesh that offers 50% more clarity than aluminum insect screens. It lets in more fresh air and sunlight, and keeps small insects out. Available in 50 Eagle Complimentary Colors™ to match your window’s exterior.

High-Performance™ Low-E4® 

Compared to ordinary dual pane glass, High-Performance Low-E4 glass is up to 57% more energy efficient in summer and up to 42% more energy efficient in winter*. Depending on where you live, that can cut your energy bills up to 25%**. Plus, Low-E4 glass has a unique exterior coating, that when activated by sunlight, reduces water spots up to 99%. Learn more. *Values are based on comparison of Eagle® Talon® double-hung window SHGC to the SHGC for clear dual pane glass non-metal or metal clad frame default values from the 2006 and 2009 International Energy Conservation Code. **A study of identical homes comparing Low-E to ordinary dual-pane glass showed a 25% savings on cooling bills, 10% on heating. Savings may vary geographically.

Auxiliary Windows

Our made-to-order philosophy lets you design the perfect window for your project. Auxiliary windows are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes – from basic circles to asymmetrical polygons. View shapes.

Design flexibility

Our auxiliary windows are available in two profiles to complement our double-hung and casement window details. Choose from our 50 Eagle Complimentary Colors™, custom colors and 7 anodized finishes to fit your project’s needs. Plus, we offer 9 wood species and 11 interior finishes.